football 20collision

A 13-year-old boy entered the chiropractor's office in considerable pain, wearing dark glasses and ear plugs to compensate for increased sensitivity to sound and light. One week beforehand he had been injured in a collision in afootball game. Medical doctors had given the child painkillers and traction for two weeks with no improvement. Chiropractic examination showed subluxations of atlas and C-2. Following initial adjustment the patient could ride home without wearing his sunglasses and for the first time in two weeks expressed an interest in food. He returned the next day saying he felt, "The best I've felt in six weeks." (8)
Esch S. 13-year-old with headache, depression, poor appetite, nausea, general muscular weakness, dizziness and sensitivity to light and noise. Case reports in chiropractic pediatrics. ACA J of Chiropractic. 1988;25(12):26-33.